We cooperate with both end-consumer-oriented companies and industrial giants of the B2B segment.
Web design
We are ready to create a website design from scratch, redesign an existing resource and develop adaptive versions
Graphic design
Graphic elements support a positive image of the company, increase the recognition of the image
Motion design
Video content is a relevant way to attract an audience and behind it the future of online promotion
Web development
Our programmers will professionally approach the development issue and release a resource of any type and level of complexity.
Technical support
Our studio is ready to join the work on your project at any stage of its "life"
Promotion and marketing
Marketing and SEO-optimization - a set of services that improve the visibility of the site and its indexing
We will create a text that will stimulate the growth of sales on the site or reflect the goods and services of your company
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About 18 years ago, the company introduced Georgian-style adjika to the Russian market, prepared according to old Georgian recipes. Spicy adjika with its piquant taste perfectly complements many dishes.
In 2013, the company expanded the scope of its activities by starting the production and packaging of spices and natural seasonings. The optimal price-quality ratio makes the product in demand on the market.

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